Marketing & Risk Management

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics Cooperative Extension faculty support farmers and ranchers with information resources on marketing of products and services, as well as best practices in ranch and farm management in order to enhance the productivity, profitability, and access to markets for farming enterprises. This includes risk management strategies to mitigate potential negative impacts on their businesses associated with risks inherent in the process of production, such as changes to input prices, climate change and variability, labor, and financial risk, among others.

Tools & Resources

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics faculty have developed a number of tools, resources, and trainings for local, small-scale, or beginning farmers and ranchers in Arizona.

  • Local Fresh Free online tool that connects farmers, ranchers, and farmers’ markets with local consumers
  • Beginning Rancher/Farmer Workshop Series Series of workshops providing information for individuals farming or ranching for ten years or less.
  • Arizona Specialty Crop Beginning Farmer Program Educational program for small scale specialty crop operations addressing: entrepreneurship and business training, financial and risk management training, record keeping practices, crop selection, diversification and marketing strategies, advanced training for soils and irrigation, hoop house operations, and safe food production and handling practices.

As members of the Western Extension Committee, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics Cooperative Extension faculty also collaborate with Extension specialists throughout the West and nation to develop tools and resources for farmers, ranchers, other agricultural managers, and Extension educators.

  • Value Added Agriculture Resource for producers that are looking for ways to differentiate their product so that they can receive higher prices, obtain better market access, and experience less volatile price swings. Topics include considerations regarding niche markets, certification and labeling, and innovative agricultural marketing.
  • Value Added Agriculture & Forestry- New Gates Through Old Fences Resource for assisting producers in the process of identifying, selecting, managing, monitoring, and growing value-added agricultural enterprises.
  • Direct Farm Marketing Course Free online direct farm marketing course consisting of 13 modules.
  • GRAfting Nursery Decision Support System (GRANDES) Free simulation-based decision support system developed by the University of Arizona to help vegetable seedling propagators with facility design decisions (e.g. capacity) and operational decisions (e.g. workforce schedule) via providing estimated facility capacity and costs.
  • RightRisk Resource for risk management education products, courses, resources, and workshops.
  • Tools for Risk Management in Agricultural Operations Tools and resources to raise awareness and manage risks in agriculture and horticulture operations related to workers, human health, and financial risks.
  • Rural Tax Education Tools and resources for farmers, ranchers, other agricultural managers, and Extension educators about agriculture-related income and self-employment tax topics.

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