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Agribusiness Economics & Management Major

Become an expert on the economics of delivering food and water to the world. A Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in agribusiness economics and management from the University of Arizona gives you a thorough understanding of applied economics, food production, and the use of water resources from seeds to sales, from farms to factories, and from turf to transport to table. This program is at the intersection of food, agriculture and business. 

Why Major in Agribusiness Economics & Management?

You're passionate about developing new, long-lasting solutions to land, people, food, water and capital resource challenges, and you want to build businesses through the sustainable use of natural resources. You'll learn how to apply business and economic practices, including data analysis, to solve problems and make decisions to further your career whether in the United States or abroad.

A bachelor's degree in agribusiness economics and management will prepare you to work with private firms, government agencies, and intergovernmental agencies, or continue your studies in graduate school. 

What Can You Do with a Degree in Agribusiness Economics & Management?

There are a variety of career opportunities available to students who complete a bachelor's degree in agribusiness economics and management and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, including:

  • Entrepreneur: Drive advancements in agribusiness and other sectors through the innovation of products, processes, and business models.
  • Farm and ranch manager: Hire and supervise farm and livestock workers as you plan, direct, and coordinate efficient, sustainable site operations.
  • Financial analyst: Develop and lead industry research, prepare industry updates, and review and assess emerging risks associated with investing in various industries.
  • Food category manager: Oversee retail operations and serve as the in-store expert on the visual merchandising, management, and sale of certain groups of types of products.
  • Wholesale buyer: Analyze buying trends, sales records, price, and quality to advise companies about purchasing and vendor selection and monitoring.

Agribusiness Economics & Management Degree Requirements

As an agribusiness economics and management student at the University of Arizona, you'll learn how to coordinate the production of food and fiber, regulate the use of natural resources, start your own business, market agricultural and non-agricultural products, sell raw materials, and manage businesses, large and small, in food, agriculture, and beyond.

Courses required to complete a bachelor's degree in agribusiness economics and management are subject to change. It is important to meet with your major academic advisor each semester to review your course plan for degree completion and to discuss  opportunities for professional development.

Are You a Current Student? Connect with an Advisor.

Danielle Pilar Buhrow, undergraduate senior academic advisor and graduate program coordinator for the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, is here to help! Schedule an appointment in CatCloud or send an email with your questions.