Faculty in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics conduct research, data analysis, and forecast modeling related to local and global agricultural industries, natural resource economics, trade, and development economics in countries around the world. As part of the University of Arizona’s Land Grant Mission, we also specialize in Arizona agriculture and natural resource economics with Cooperative Extension faculty focused on understanding Arizona’s economic drivers and trends that impact local communities.

Agricultural Economics Research

Agriculture has always been an important contributor to Arizona’s economy. Understanding the impact of this sector on the state, nation, and developing countries is vital to establishing policies that that support prosperity for our local community and communities around the world. Our research in agricultural economics and agribusiness brings to light key data and information needed for sound economic decisions.

Resource Economics Research

Faculty focused on resource economics research the supply, demand, and allocation of the Earth's natural resources. We apply state-of-the-art quantitative and econometric tools to understand and identify challenges we may face in the future and opportunities for economic interventions such as estimating water price elasticities of residential water demand.

Development Economics Research

Our researchers in development economics examine international trade policy, natural resource management, and global food security and policy in underdeveloped countries and emerging nations. Faculty members in this area seek to understand how variables in income, access to credit, labor supply, and resources impact communities in relation to educational access, gender equality, and other factors related to standards of living.

Research Focus Areas

Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness

We focus on developing efficient management strategies for adapting to changes in water scarcity, farm regulation, and climate change.

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Agricultural Economics Policy

We conduct applied research and analysis of major policies important to U.S. and Arizona agriculture as well as issues related to energy and international trade.

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Applied Econometrics

We are engaged in developing and applying new econometric techniques to the issues of causal identification and out-of-sample forecasting.

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Development Economics

We work in Africa, Asia, and Latin America on topics related to agriculture, natural resource management, food security, risk, and problems of agency.

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Natural Resource & Environmental Economics

We seek to better understand the challenges of managing water, energy, and the environmental in the context of a changing climate.

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Cardon Working Papers Series

In honor of former professor and dean of the College of Agriculture, Bartley P. Cardon, the Cardon Working Paper Series highlights recent research in agricultural and applied economics. 

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Graduate Theses

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics graduate students complete theses in a variety of research areas. 

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