Dr. Tronstad’s research interests include agricultural marketing, risk management, international trade, and operations research methods. Fruit and vegetable commodities, range livestock, and field crops are a part of his research and extension activities. Much of his work focuses on decision tools and aids that jointly consider production, marketing, and risk factors. He is a past co-editor of the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.


  • Ph.D. University of Illinois, 1989

Recent Publications

Sall, I., Tronstad, R. and Aradhyula,S. 2019. Beef Production Alliance Preferences for Vertical Integration: A Bivariate Nested Panel Probit ApproachJournal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 44 (1): 165–79.

Kubota C., C. Meng, S. Masoud, Y.J. Son, and R. Tronstad. 2018. Advanced Technologies for Large-Scale Plant Factories – Integration of Industrial and Systems Engineering Approach in Controlled Environment Crop Production. In Plant Factory Using Artificial Light: 354–62.

Masoud, S., Y.J. Son, C. Kubota, and R. Tronstad. 2018. Evaluation of Simulation-Based Optimization in Grafting Labor AllocationApplied Engineering in Agriculture 34 (3): 479–89.

Tronstad, R., and M. Woods. 2018. Cooperative Extension System: Value to SocietyIn G.L. Cramer, K.P. Paudel, A. Schmitz, eds. The Routledge Handbook of Agricultural Economics: 728–47.

Kubota C, C. Meng, Y-J. Son, M. Lewis, H. Spalholz, and R. Tronstad. 2017. Horticultural, systems-engineering and economic evaluations of short-term plant storage techniques as a labor management tool for vegetable grafting nurseriesPLoS ONE 12 (2): e0170614.