Russell Tronstad

University Distinguished Outreach Professor

Extension Specialist

Dr. Tronstad’s research interests include agricultural marketing, risk management, international trade, and operations research methods. Fruit and vegetable commodities, range livestock, and field crops are a part of his research and extension activities. Much of his work focuses on decision tools and aids that jointly consider production, marketing, and risk factors. He is a past co-editor of the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.


  • Ph.D. University of Illinois, 1989

Recent Publications

Sall, I., Tronstad, R. and Aradhyula,S. 2019. Beef Production Alliance Preferences for Vertical Integration: A Bivariate Nested Panel Probit ApproachJournal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 44 (1): 165–79.

Kubota C., C. Meng, S. Masoud, Y.J. Son, and R. Tronstad. 2018. Advanced Technologies for Large-Scale Plant Factories – Integration of Industrial and Systems Engineering Approach in Controlled Environment Crop Production. In Plant Factory Using Artificial Light: 354–62.

Masoud, S., Y.J. Son, C. Kubota, and R. Tronstad. 2018. Evaluation of Simulation-Based Optimization in Grafting Labor AllocationApplied Engineering in Agriculture 34 (3): 479–89.

Tronstad, R., and M. Woods. 2018. Cooperative Extension System: Value to SocietyIn G.L. Cramer, K.P. Paudel, A. Schmitz, eds. The Routledge Handbook of Agricultural Economics: 728–47.

Kubota C, C. Meng, Y-J. Son, M. Lewis, H. Spalholz, and R. Tronstad. 2017. Horticultural, systems-engineering and economic evaluations of short-term plant storage techniques as a labor management tool for vegetable grafting nurseriesPLoS ONE 12 (2): e0170614.