Claudia V. Montanía is an Economic Impact Analyst at the University of Arizona's Cooperative Extension and Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Her research examines the role of sectoral linkages and spatial interactions among regions, exploring their impact on agricultural growth and their implications for land and water use in agricultural activities. Additionally, she has studied the capacity of collective action and social capital to mitigate economic vulnerability. Previously, she worked at the United Nations Development Programme Accelerator Laboratory in Paraguay.


  • Ph.D., Economics, University of Extremadura, Spain
  • M.S., Economics, University of Extremadura, Spain
  • B.A., Marketing Polytechnic School, National University of Asunción, Paraguay

Recent Publications

Montanía, C.V., Márquez, MA., and Fernández-Núñez, T. (2023). Toward a more comprehensive shift-share analysis: an illustration using regional data. Growth and Change.

Setrini, G., Mongelós, T., Hernández, G., Ovando, F., Montanía, C.V., Parra, C., Ríos, M., Recalde, M. (2023). What are the main barriers to formalizing paid domestic work? Lessons from Paraguay. Development Futures Series. United Nations Development Programme.

Montanía C.V., and Dall’erba S. (2022). Multi-Dynamic interregional Input-Output Shift-Share: model, theory and application. Economic Systems Research.

Montanía, C.V., Parra, C., Setrini, G., and Ríos, M. (2021). Social capital in Paraguay: an asset to combat vulnerability during the COVID-19 pandemic? Development Futures Series. United Nations Development Programme.

Franco, A. and Montanía, C.V. (2021). Dynamics of deforestation worldwide: A Structural Decomposition Analysis of Agricultural Land Footprint in South America. Land Use Policy.

Montanía, C.V., Fernández-Núñez, M.T., and Márquez, M.A. (2021). The role of the leading exporters in the soybean global trade. Agricultural Economics Czech Republic.

Montanía, C.V., Márquez, M.A., Fernández‐Núñez, T., & Hewings, G.J. (2020). Spatial shift‐share analysis: Some new developments. Papers in Regional Science.