Utilization of cottage cheese whey as dairy cattle feed

Published in 1978

Liquid whey contains approximately seven per cent solids which include lactose, protein, ash, fat, and lactic acid. It is a waste product of cheese manufacturing and has been disposed of in sewage systems. A literature review gave insight into' the possibilities of using whey as a feedstuff for dairy and beef animals to solve the disposal problem. Whey can substitute for part or all of the feed intake of dairy and beef animals . Considerable cost savings were available to Arizona dairymen when liquid cottage cheese whey was substituted for grain„ However, a loss was incurred when whey was substituted for hay. A linear programming model was used to evaluate liquid cottage cheese whey with other feeds tuffs, Results were in line with literature values for amount of whey that could be included in the dairy ration. The basic costs involved in disposal of cottage cheese whey as sewage are, water to dilute whey to acceptable pollution levels and sewage treatment0 These costs were found to be an indirect cost of cottage cheese production to the consumer. An even greater possible impact of these indirect costs may be realized by the year 2000„ Thus, by diverting whey from the "sewer" to the feed trough r cost savings to the taxpayer and dairyman could be realized.


Nitzel, David Dale

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