Steve Cole

Gender Scientist with WorldFish

Thesis Title: The Impacts of Cassava on Child Nutritional Status and Household Food Security in Zambia
Advisor: Mark Langworthy

Peace Corps

Country of Service: Zambia
Service Years: 1998-2002
Service Sector: Health and Nutrition

How did the AREC program connect your service and help you prepare for your professional experiences?

The AREC program allowed me to develop my thesis based on the learning I gained as a PCV, in particular, some of the causes of child malnutrition and household food insecurity in rural Zambia. Through my training by the AREC program, I was able develop a sound methodology to explore these issues using a large World Bank data set. The experience analyzing the data and writing up and defending my thesis prepared me for my PhD and was fundamental in enabling me to develop survey instruments and analysis strategy for my dissertation research on the causes and consequences of economic inequality in rural Zambia.

Why would you recommend that an RPCV join our M.S. program?

The AREC program provides an enabling environment for students to pursue the research focus they bring to the program after their services as a PCV in the US Peace Corps.

Additional Comments

Amazing training provided by the AREC program, especially the applied focus that enables graduates to enter into the job market with a high skill level to make an immediate impact.


  • BSc, Health Appraisal and Enhancement, Miami University