Kraig Schulz

Market Research, Partner at Marakon Associates, Partner at Ernst and Young, CEO of Autonomous Tractor Corporation

Thesis Title: Commodity Marketing and Production Cost Relationships: An Economic Analysis of Minnesota Grain Producers

Peace Corps

Country of Service: Mali
Service Years: 1993-1996
Service Sector: Agriculture

How did the AREC program connect your service and help you prepare for your professional experiences?

It is a great program for practical problem-solving. I focused on the statistical aspects of the program with the Administration's support and turned that into a career I had no idea I would ever have in consulting to many of the largest and most successful companies in the world. While I pursued a more mainstream career I always felt connected to the agricultural sector through my PCV experience that was reinforced through AREC. I ultimately ended up in the ag sector and think of my many experiences in both the Peace Corps and AREC often. I am indebted to the U of A and AREC for where I am today and hope to repay their investment in me whenever I can.

Why would you recommend that an RPCV join our M.S. program?

It is a great transition for RPCVs back to the U.S. and really helps to connect your experience with humans and natural resources to real-world problem-solving that companies will pay for. I felt like it was a natural stepping stone and am lucky to have been a part of a great program.


  • BA, Economics, University of Minnesota