Fall 2023 Outstanding Senior

Dec. 1, 2023

Please join AREC in congratulating our Outstanding Senior for Fall 2023, Henry Suter! Henry’s amazing achievements and determination set him apart from others in his discipline, and aided him to rise to his set goals for himself as an undergraduate student with AREC. Read here about the academic and personal experiences that Henry gained as an ABEM student, and what his future goals entail. 

We want to wish each of our Fall 2023 graduating students the best of luck and opportunity in their future endeavors, and of course, remember, Bear Down, Wildcats! 

Henry Suter, Agribusiness Economics & Management 

Henry Suter shared his ultimate goal for attending the University of Arizona; “to become multi-faceted in whatever major I pursued and gain a variety of skills to help me be better prepared for a job search post college.” He extends his gratitude to AREC for providing the variety of classes that create a well-rounded academic experience for their students. Henry said, “I feel ready to translate my knowledge from this program into a workplace setting.”  

Henry went on to explain that AREC’s usage of large group projects and problem sets helped him shape his understanding of what working will be in the real professional world. He said, “These classes and their assignments were reliant on group work, leadership, and communication and it helped me to reach the goal of being a better team player and strengthening my leadership skills. Also, with these projects and problem sets, I became much better at using Excel, PowerPoint, understanding economic patterns and learning the nuances of statistics.” He continued with, “By doing things like research papers and case studies, I was able to reach the goal of seeing how subjects such as economics and statistics go hand-in-hand with many areas of the agriculture world.” 

Henry does have an end goal in sight for himself, but before he strives for that, he hopes to work and explore in a variety of jobs to gain different skillsets. He mentioned that the first company that he is interested in applying to is the ADP company, which handles payroll services, due to their ability to offer a sales job after their popular winter internship for recent graduates. Another specialty that Henry was interested in is wealth/asset management and Ag. Credit. He said, “Doing something like Ag. Credit would help build my accounting and economic skills to use that in a business management setting.” 

Henry's end goal involves running his own produce company, specifically the repackaging of produce. He explains, “I feel that working a variety of jobs for businesses in different areas can be crucial for someone who wants to run something on their own someday.” Therefore, Henry further explained that he is aware that his specialty interests are in high demand, but the preparation that his AREC courses gave him have greatly impacted his potential. He said, “Many of the courses I took were heavy on accounting, econ, and statistics, which I know would help me with all these potential careers.” 

Alongside Henry’s busy course schedule, he also volunteered around 50-60 hours per semester at Christian Faith Center’s food bank for two years, and volunteered for about 40 hours per semester for two years with Khan Academy Tutoring helping Canyon View Elementary students. Moreover, Henry has held two separate jobs ranging 10-40 hours a week for the past 4 years at Upper Crust Pizza and Patagonia Orchards where he repacked produce and was a sales intern.