Lauren Yeager

April 7, 2023

Lauren Yeager, an Environmental and Water Resource Economics (EWRE) alumna, is providing an alumni spotlight to share how she has stepped out of her comfort zone and relocated abroad for her personal and professional growth. Lauren’s story carries the message that despite obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a specific area of study, one can seek to gain experience in non-traditional ways. Read a few shared comments below from Lauren on her experience in Japan teaching English and a handful of photos from Lauren's lifetime experiences. 


In Lauren’s words: 

I graduated from the AREC program in December of 2021 with a degree in Environmental and Water Resource Economics. My future was uncertain after graduating, but I soon found myself with an English teaching position in Numazu, Japan. Numazu is located about 2 hours south of Tokyo and is known for fresh fish and endless green tea fields. 


During my middle and high school years, I studied Japanese and had fallen in love with the country while visiting in 2016. Finally, in August of 2022, I was a resident of Japan. The last 6 months have been filled with non-stop learning and adventure! My Japanese is even improving. I love teaching and telling my students stories about Tucson. They are obsessed with Saguaros now!  


My time in Japan has been incredible! I am consistently grateful for this opportunity and have gained worldly experience for future careers!” 


Kyoto Temple
Small Temple in Kyoto.
Traditional Japanese Sōzu
Traditional Japanese Sōzu at a Temple in Kyoto.
Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji is a rare sight, as it is normally covered in clouds.
Sakura Festival
Sakura Festival in a neighboring town. Snacks included Sakura mochi- a pink-colored rice cake wrapped in a Sakura leaf.
Kano River
The Kano River in Numazu carries snowmelt from Mount Fuji to the Bay.
Sumie-san_English School Founder
Sushi lunch with the founder of our English School. Sumie-san founded the school in 1969.