Angela Jungbluth 2022 AAEA Awardee

Aug. 22, 2022

Angela Jungbluth is an active UArizona Master of Science student and upon finishing her first year with the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, Angela was nominated for and ultimately awarded the 2022 Agricultural & Applied Economics Association TLC Graduate Student Teaching Award recipient in Excellence in Teaching Assistance. The award was presented to Angela in Summer 2022 at the annual conference, held in Anaheim, CA.  At the award ceremony, Angela was photographed with Dr. Na Zuo (as seen in the image), Dr. Na Zuo is the faculty member that supervises the stellar TA work Angela has done in the past year.  Dr. Gary Thompson, AREC dept head noted that Angela is "highly deserving because of her superb work helping students learn inside the classroom and out."  The Department is grateful for Angela's dedication to student learning and for her passionate care with helping students succeed in the several courses she is tasked with, in her role as graduate teaching assistant.  Thank you, Angela!