The Contribution of the Beef Industry to the Arizona Economy

Cattle ranching remains an important part of Arizona agriculture, making various contributions to Arizona county economies and to the state economy as a whole. The beef industry extends beyond cattle production (cow-calf ranches and feedlots) and includes the value-added activities from cattle processing in slaughter and leather and hide tanning and finishing establishments. In addition, economic activity in the beef industry has multiplier effects, generating additional jobs and sales in the local economy. The beef industry purchases inputs from other sectors of the economy (indirect effects) and earnings (profits and wages) from the industry are spent on Arizona goods and services (induced effects). These multiplier effects provide additional stimulus to other sectors of the local economy that one can measure by output (sales), value added (GDP), labor income, and jobs.

This is a summary report of The Contribution of the Beef Industry to the Arizona Economy. It includes a beef industry profile for the state of Arizona and as well as for each of Arizona’s 15 counties. These profiles report the contribution of the beef industry to the local economy, a summary of cattle ranching activities in the region, and a determination of whether cattle ranching is part of the region’s economic base.


Ashley Kerna, George Frisvold, Russell Tronstad and Trent Teegerstrom

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