George Frisvold

Bartley P. Cardon Chair of Agribusiness Economics and Policy

Extension Specialist

Dr. Frisvold joined the faculty at The University of Arizona in 1997. He has been a visiting scholar at the National Institute of Rural Development in Hyderabad, India, a lecturer at The Johns Hopkins University, and Chief of the Resource and Environmental Policy Branch of USDA's Economic Research Service.

His research interests include domestic and international environmental policy, as well as the causes and consequences of technological change in agriculture. In 1995-96, Dr. Frisvold served as a Senior Economist for the President's Council of Economic Advisers with responsibility for agricultural, natural resource, and international trade issues. He is currently an associate editor for two journals: Pest Management Science and Water Economics and Policy. In 2020, Dr. Frisvold co-authored the National Academies of Science, Engineering, & Medicine report, Safeguarding the BioeconomyFinding Strategies for Understanding, Evaluating, and Protecting the Bioeconomy while Sustaining Innovation and Growth.   



  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Awards & Honors

  • University of Arizona, College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences, Extension Team Award (with A. Kerna Bickel and D. Duval ), Economic Impact Assessment Team
  • Technical Communication Award for Scholarly/Professional Articles, Society for Technical Communication
  • Letter of appreciation from President William Jefferson Clinton for economic analysis of Everglades restoration policies
  • USDA Certificate of Merit Award for Mentoring Minority Employees

Classes Taught

  • AREC 464, Economics of Policy Analysis

Recent Publications

Frisvold, G., Albright, J., Ervin, D., Owen, M., Norsworthy, J., Dentzman, K., Hurley, T., Jussaume, R., Gunsolus, J. and Everman, W. 2020 Do farmers manage weeds on owned and rented land differently? Evidence from US corn and soybean farmsPest Management Science 76 (6): 2030-39.

Bickel, A.K., Duval, D., Frisvold, G. 2019. Simple approaches to examine economic impacts of water reallocations from agricultureJournal of Contemporary Water Research & Education 168 (1), 29-48. 

Ervin, D., Breshears, E., Frisvold, G., Hurley, T., Dentzman, K., Gunsolus, J. Jussaume, R., Owen, M., Norsworthy, J., Mamun, M.A., Everman, W. 2019. Farmer attitudes toward cooperative approaches to herbicide resistance management: A common pool ecosystem service challengeEcological Economics 157: 237–45.

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Davis, A & G Frisvold (2017). Are herbicides a once in a century method of weed control? Pest Management Science 73 (11): 2209–20.